Low Maintenance Gardening?

put together a homemade hydroponics system that works

I am putting together an Aeroponics system right now.  Almost done, I am just now making the rest of the re-usable pots.  I will post a pic when I am done :)

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Before and After Weight Watchers...

According to popular demand...


b4nafterWW.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The before pic on the left was taken at my company's Holiday Party in 2005. At my top weight in Jan '06, a month later, I was around 220 lbs.

I promptly joined the Weight Watchers at work program in Mar '06 and have lost about 75 lbs since.

The after pic on the right was taken on Apr 15, 2007 when I was weighing in at 154 lbs.

I reached my Weight Watchers goal and became a lifetime member on Apr 23, 2007.

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My Fav Podcasts

Here is a list of all my Favorite Podcasts and thier corresponding links.
I admit that I am more well-rounded due to these casts, take a look, you may enjoy them as well! :)

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Typical AZ Dust Storm

When most people think of Arizona, they think of cute lizards and prickly pear cactus. But, here in AZ we actually have pretty weird weather. I live in a Dust Storm corridor where often we encounter Mummy-movie-like walls of dust. Here are a couple videos I took with my Casio Exilim EX-S600 tonight.

Enjoy! :)

NOTE: photobucket doesn't allow videos over 5 mins, so the first one is the 1st 5 mins and the 2nd is the last 1 min 23 secs of the first video. Also, click the link if you are feeding off the feedburner RSS feed with your own RSS client and cannot see the embedded video.
The Dust Storm! (first 5 mins) link

The Dust Storm! (cont'd...) link

Sunset Afterwards... link

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R U LinkedIn?

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Check it out!

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A little numerology for ya...

It is my birthday this Friday, April 27th, 2007. If that isn't enough of a kawinkidink for ya, get this:

I am turning 27 this year!

hehe... well, I think it is pretty significant that when I turn the age that matches the day of the month, it is in 2007!

Maybe there is a prophecy to this? Nah! I just thought it was interesting.

Well, I must toodle off to work now... still working on getting my website up and running fully. I am doing a whole redesign, but at least the links work now ! :)

I am learning some php/mysql stuff right now, very beginner level. I would like to see my site become a flash/php site and have just discovered a couple tutorials. It will probably be a while though.... so don't expect anything in the next 24 hrs :)

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Or just burn it all up!

I have both my main blog and my moblog blended into one. If you would like to see them all in one feed. Go here!
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New Moblog address

Here's my Mobile blog.... posts from my phone, mostly MMS pics I randomly take.
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New Main blog address

Still hosted on blogger, but redirected from my site.
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