A little numerology for ya...

It is my birthday this Friday, April 27th, 2007. If that isn't enough of a kawinkidink for ya, get this:

I am turning 27 this year!

hehe... well, I think it is pretty significant that when I turn the age that matches the day of the month, it is in 2007!

Maybe there is a prophecy to this? Nah! I just thought it was interesting.

Well, I must toodle off to work now... still working on getting my website up and running fully. I am doing a whole redesign, but at least the links work now ! :)

I am learning some php/mysql stuff right now, very beginner level. I would like to see my site become a flash/php site and have just discovered a couple tutorials. It will probably be a while though.... so don't expect anything in the next 24 hrs :)

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