The only true constant is Change

Everything in this universe changes, including ourselves. We strive for stability with every step by obtaining new income, relationships, items. However, ultimately, we are always in flux. Even the reasons we use to justify our choices are faulty. For instance, let's say you decide to buy a new car because your current vehicle's maintenance costs are high and gas mileage is poor. Using your rational decision making process via research and review, you find a new vehicle that serves your needs and has a lower cost of ownership. In fact, you discover that your accumulated savings for the next year would mean you could go on that cruise you have been talking about going on for a few years. Well, a lot of things can happen in a year and your environment can change easily. The trick is to allow this change. Don't give up on your dreams and goals, just allow them to change.

Recently, I was reminded of this when I discovered I had a blood clot in my left calf. Faced with a potentially serious medical condition, I scaled back on other areas in my life. I took a day off work to rest, started medication therapy and stepped back from school for a couple weeks. I still feel the result has been positive. My health has dramatically improved as I no longer am now able to walk, stand and sit for extended periods of time without pain and I have also quit smoking tobacco. Missing school has also made a positive impact even though I have been academically suspended for a year. It has forced me to step back and re-evaluate my goals and options. I now realize that an MBA, though a masters level degree, does not contain the curriculum I am most interested. In a previous post, I mentioned my plans which included a PHD in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology. Well, guess what?! I just recently discovered there is a Masters level Human Dynamics program available! The courses are completely different from the MBA. Long story short, I am glad that I am being forced to take this time to re-evaluate my goals. A lot has happened over the last year and what I need now is to take care of my body and finances. So, I am happy to take a year to do so.

Change will and does happen. We just need to learn to embrace it.
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