Metal for Charity: Future for the Music Industry

Check out how Todd Murdock & Gina M Love from Murdock's Trinity Records & Promotions are changing the music industry! Their innovative model takes advantage of new media in a way that traditional major record labels and broadcast channels have continued to ignore.

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They have built a Dy-Na-MITE! team that will be sure to shake the boat and ruffle some feathers:

Michael Beck Sound Producer genius from SoundVision Recording (Website)

From Bio on his website:

"Producer/engineer Michael Beck started as a musician(singer).He has toured extensively throughout the U.S with bands such as Candlebox, CheapTrick, BadBrains, Prong, 311, Stabbing Westward, Overkill, Obituary, No Doubt, UFO,& many more.This touring came as result of several different indie & major label deals.
He was Local Music Director for the Phoenix based alternative rock station"The Edge" for 3 years & is currently on air at rock station 93.3 KDKB. He has worked as A&R for Warner Bros.Records & Hollywood Music. He is the owner SoundVision Recording & has produced & engineered everything from local demos to national & international releases."

Shona from Phoenix, AZ production company Rock Along Productions (Website)

From Rock Along's About page
"We are a local Arizona company that supports the local music scene in a variety of ways. We coordinate concerts at local venues to give small local bands the chance to perform and grow their fan base. We support all things music and art related in AZ!"
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Lopsided World of L on 98KUPD

From info Tab on Facebook page:
"Radio show filled with brand new and past gems, rock, metal, goth, pop and hip hop....

host of the show: Jonathan L

JONATHAN L, former Alternative KUKQ-AM PD and one of the pioneers of the format, returns to the airwaves at 98 KUPD with a specialized 3-hour weekly show called "THE LOPSIDED WORLD OF L,". It's a mixture of Alternative and Rock from the past and present ."
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From Facebook Info Tab:
"Octave Radio is a high-energy arts and entertainment radio talk show highlighting local artists and culture in the Valley. The show airs live every Thursday night from 7pm-8pm on KWSS 106.7 ... Local artists, entrepreneurs, community organizations, Culture, Radio Radio Radio"
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I am positive Trinity Records' network will continue to grow rapidly. This small cross-section of individuals will go down in history as those who helped the revolution begin!
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Lifelong Student & Mentor

I have recently fully realized the main purpose this particular instance of my life on this earth.....

Pretty, big, thing to realize, right?

Well, here it is: I am to forever be a Student & Mentor. I have always had the thirst for knowledge and the natural inclination to console and assist others. Anyone who knows me, would most likely agree that I am a natural leader and organizer, though would equally be surprised that I would make such a bold statement.

Some good sense adages come to mind...
"You will attract more bees with honey than vinegar"
"Treat other as ye wilst be treated" aka The Golden Rule

I sometimes have to stand back and giggle a little at how easy it is to get what you want from the universe. There are a few important steps.
  1. Ask for help. Be sure to express your need. But, do not demand or threaten.
  2. Believe that people want to do the right thing.
  3. Be a cheerleader! Encourage others that they have the power.
  4. Help others often. Be careful not to stretch yourself too thin.
  5. Receive graciously and gracefully. Appreciation goes a long way.
This is the mantra I sing. I may falter in my resolve from time to time. However, always come back to this foundation and reap the rewards and joy.

To illustrate by example of my adult education timeline...



2012-2015 (May start sooner and be concurrent with MBA)

Career timeline...
1997-2004 - Odd Jobs
2004-2006 - Tech Support
2006-2009 - Programmer
2009-EOL (End of Lifetime) - Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Activist, Thinker, Leader, Visionary & Mentor/Instructor

Wow, that is a big jump in aspirations! Eureka!

All the while, I am racking up the school loan bill. Without fear, mind you. Because I trust that when the time is right, the fruit of my efforts will reap its rewards. Honestly, I envision that the bill will be paid down before I have completed my education.

So, here we go world. Are you ready?
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