Exposed: Creative Process or Paranoid Delusions?

As some of you may have heard, I walked away from University of Phoenix and the corporate high-wire act last month on August 20th, 2013.  I have laced my combat boots, stocked my armory and my tank is overflowing with Octane Boost 3000.  Don't fret, my siblings, Goddess Norah is going to teach 'em a thing or two before we are through.

Over the years, I have documented some of my personal struggles and triumphs here.  Although you readers are a treasured few, I have always treated this space as a living autobiography.  Usually, the primary benefactor is myself as I have frequently looked back to these pages to remind myself of my progress.

I have always been a fairly shy person, likely due to some clinically traumatic experiences I endured during adolescence.  I have talked the talk for many years, trying to lead by example in an attempt to explain my passion.  In the process, I have found myself crying in the presence of strangers many times, often behind closed doors and too many times with my superiors, managing to divulge some gruesome nugget from my past.  All this only to become disgusted with myself later on because it invited pity instead of the intended respect.

Now I understand that those people were not my target audience, but rather, unwilling guinea pigs. Moreover, I was not really ready to tell my story, did not yet have the courage to be myself and realize my power. As my fantasy is now quickly becoming reality, I thought it equally important to embrace my desire to be open to the world.

Uncensored, Unflinching and Unafraid to tell it like it is and speak my mind!  Any who follow: Be warned... YOU may not be ready to receive.

In light of that announcement.... Here is a story idea I came up with today:

Article Subject: The Enduring Nature of Weird

Current Heroes: Mick Foley, Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Murray, Ozzy Osbourne, Andy Kaufman, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, George Carlin

Current: Changing times, Smart is Sexy, Creative = Smart

Historical Heroes: Hercules, Robin Hood

Fictional vs. Factual : Difference between historical and current heroes, or are they?

What makes something Weird? (Definition, Description of Feeling, etc.)

How does the Brain perceive Weird?

Weirdness scale? (As the observed behavior deviates from the established norm, the level of weirdness increases)

Is there a ceiling to weird? What does it become or branch to?  Obscene, Offensive, Disgusting,

Maybe this is best described as an infographic.... Maybe I should blog using only infographics from now on.... ok, now I am just rambling to myself....

Hmmm... this could even be a post... on a post-it or a piece of paper.... oooo.... I could write all of this out on a piece of paper.... then take a picture.... no, no, then they will see that I obviously wrote it first on the screen... no biggie... I'll just... wait... don't tell them.... they are watching now.... just act.... stop typing... what are you doing?  Oh no, I'm stuck, I can't continue any thought without typing it first.... lolz...  jk... okies... going now!

Update (12/21/13): I opened comments on this article.  Sorry, I missed this one.
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