Norah's 2¢: 5 Reasons Why Receiving Is Harder Than Giving

Thank you for this soothing camaraderie.  Coming from an abusive childhood, I  have developed a deep disdain for narcissistic behavior.  So much, that at times, I have to fight hard against the association of guilt when receiving a gift.  Last year, I quit my Corporate job to restart my Freelance IT Firm, tekAura, and went back to school for a Master of Arts in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Full Sail University.  These choices have forced me to face this amongst other fears and anxieties. 
The biggest single lesson I have had to learn in this life is how to allow myself to love myself.  It's antagonist is the fear that I will have reached the climax of my life once I have mastered it.
Shannon Medlin-Stein Web Developer