Dear Universe....

Today, I submitted this here:

Hello? Universe? 
I know I haven't talked to you in a while, but I really need your help.
If you recall, the last time I asked for your help, you gave me the strength to leave home at 16 in order to escape my emotionally destructive Aunt and sexual abuse by my cousin.  And I think I have been paying it forward ever since. But, I sometimes wonder if I have done something wrong to anger you. 
Just to bring you up to date...  I have been working in software development for quite a few years now (20+) with a focus on the Education industry.  I also serve as a mentor on Codementor.io/tekNorah and love working with creatives, like yourself, to get things done!  About four years ago, I quit my "day job" and started working as an Independent Software Engineer and Project Director for Small to Medium-sized businesses in the Manufacturing, Automation and Integration spaces.  My previous experiences convinced me that Innovation is Dead for Corporate America and helped to expose my real passion: the Freelancer community! 
Currently, I am focused on building a Freelancers Network for like-minded people that want to work with other independent freelancers on larger brand/web projects. The network consists of Dev, Design and Brand professionals, with a range of skill levels and rates with the goal of budget flexibility, while remaining focused on quality.
I am asking for your help one more time.  Would you mind sending me some paying clients? I know it is a bit tough for everyone out there right now.  But, I think I might just not be barking up the right tree or something.  Rent is really late this month and my relationship with my roommate us really shaky right now.  Plus, my husband is going crazy because he is without his instruments for over 2 years now, which we had to sell in order to eat at the time. 
We have a food bank nearby and moved up to Vancouver, WA in January this year, in order to let the green heal us and it has done a great thing for us.  But, it is starting to look very grim and I don't want to crash and burn so far from family. 
Just a reminder, our rent and bills are only $615 per month.  I am willing to wait, but we are also down to paper towels for toilet paper.  Ultimately, I just need some traction, so we get enough together to buy an RV and buy my Husband's music and recording equipment back. I know you want to hear his art and it breaks my heart to see him this way.  He is so patient and loving.  If it were just me, I would just live in a shelter right now.  But, he wouldn't do well in there and would end up homeless, I just know it.

Thank you for listening!

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